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English Reeperbahn St. Pauli Walk - Your Guide to Hamburg

The English Guided Reeperbahn Walk

Request your guided walk in English through St. Pauli and Hamburg's red­light district, known by the locals as "the Kiez". Receive a personalized offer for your group and enjoy a free beer after the tour!

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The English Reeperbahn Walk - Your Guide for the Redlight District St. Pauli

The English Reeperbahn and Redlight District Tour!


The walk takes you through the history of this special district, with stories about the harbour, the history of prostitution, St. Pauli and the Beatles' time in Hamburg.


Your Kiez­captain will guide you through these unique areas, giving you an intensive insider­view into the past and present of the Reeperbahn.


The guided walk takes you around the Reeperbahn in 120 minutes and ends in an old original Reeperbahn pub where you can enjoy a free glass of the local brew!


The tour will be in English language only.


Request your English Guided Walk now!


Price: 22,- € including a free Beer or Softdrink at the End of the Tour in an old Kiez-Pub!


Groups please ask for your Discount!! (from 10 Persons or more) 

Hafenkante Hamburg Touren

Reeperbahntour & Kieztour
Stadtführung Hamburg
English Reeperbahn Walk

Kieztour & Stadtführung Hamburg


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Kieztour Hamburg, Stadtführung Hamburg


kieztour hamburg, kieztour, reeperbahntour, stadtführung hamburg, tour
Die Kiez-Kapitän Touren in Hamburg


Jens Hartmann

Sillemstraße 54

20257 Hamburg 

Telefon: 0160-94763957





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